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Wood Carving Bargains & Clearance Center

Bargains and clearance items including many different woodcarving supplies, woodcarving tools, wood and other woodcarving related items.  Some items are one of a kind, or maybe they have been returned.  Items in the Woodcarving Supply Bargain and Clearance center are non returnable.  We inspect each item to make sure everything is useable.

  • This picture is showing the entire slotted mandrel. This is showing you a up close photo of the split mandrel. This is the "split" part at the top where you will put your abrasives.

    Slotted Mandrel 3/32" Shank

    Slotted Mandrel 3/32" Shank This slotted mandrel also known as a split mandrel has a "split" at the top which allows you to wrap sandpaper, polishing cloth, or other abrasives around the mandrel. You will take scrap pieces or small pieces of abrasives...

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