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Pacer Glue

  • Zap-A-Gap CA+ Medium Viscosity Glue in 1 oz bottle. Zap-A-Gap CA+ Medium Viscosity Glue in 1/4 oz bottle.

    Zap-A-Gap CA

    ZAP-A-GAP CA  Medium Viscosity Glue Zap-A-Gap fills gaps in wood, bonds cracks together and is great for those holes that you may have drilled a bit large for the the legs or antlers...

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  • Zip Kicker 2 oz spray accelerator for ca glues.

    Zip Kicker

    Zip Kicker Zip Kicker is a Ca glue Accelerator. Zip Kicker will accelerate the cure time of Zap Ca glues.  It solves the problem on most tough to bond combinations of materials.  We've all...

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