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Colwood Woodburning Units

  • Cub Woodburning Unit

    Cub Woodburning Unit The Cub Woodburning Unit is definitely the smallest portable woodburning unit. If your just learning the art of woodburning/pyrography then this is the way to get started.  Cub Woodburning Unit features temperature control...

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  • Detailer Woodburning Unit with handpiece clip attached for steady hands free pen holder.

    Detailer Woodburning Unit

    Detailer Woodburning Unit Fire up the Detailer Woodburning Unit and create an amazing pyrography project. The Detailer Woodburning Unit is a top of the line variable temperature woodburning unit that can be adjusted at the base thermostat for a range of...

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  • Galaxy Digital Woodburning Unit

    Galaxy Digital Woodburning Unit

     Galaxy Digital Woodburning Unit Discover a higher level of quality work you can achieve when using the Galaxy Digital Woodburning Unit. You'll notice how fast the tips/pens heat up, so there's no need for warm up time. The Galaxy Digital...

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  • Olympiad Woodburning Unit with Hot Knife, 2 Hot Knife tips, Ultra-flex 18 gauge cord.

    Olympiad Woodburning Unit

    Olympiad Woodburning Unit The Colwood Olympiad Woodburning Unit is one of the best woodburner's with the most power and heat. Now this is what you use when need extra heat! This woodburning unit comes with a Hot Knife and two tips, one Detail tip...

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  • Super Pro II Woodburning Unit with two handpiece cords and clips. Super Pro II Woodburning Unit back side of unit showing how the two handpiece cords attach to the terminal.

    Super Pro II Woodburning Unit

    Super Pro II Woodburning Unit  The Super Pro II Woodburning Unit has two handpiece cords that attach to separate terminals, one on the right and one on the left. This is the most versatile unit with front panel switch allowing the user to have...

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