Kutzall Extreme 1" Sphere Burr

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Shank Size:
Kutzall Extreme 1" Sphere Burr that has a 1" diameter cutting head with a 1/4" shank and is black in color which represents the Kutzall Extreme line of carbide burrs.

Kutzall Extreme 1" Sphere Burr 

The Kutzall Extreme 1" Sphere Burr is shaped like a ball. This Kutzall burr is the ultimate burr for concave cuts and hollowing especially in bowls and spoons.  The Kutzall Exteme 1" sphere burr has razor sharp teeth that will hog out a lot of material but still stay precise.  These burrs are not prone to a lot of loading.  If the burr does load, its an easy clean up.  Use solvents or you can burn off the wood buildup with a gas torch without damaging the cutter.

Kutzall Extreme 1" Sphere Burr Specifications:

  • 1" Diameter Head.
  • 1/4" Shank.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Made from Tungsten Carbide.
  • Black (Extreme).
  • Recommended operating speed between 5,000 and 25,000 rpm.

The Kutzall Extreme 1" Sphere Burr is one you'll want to have in your collection.  It's a great burr that you will find many uses for.  It is also available in coarse, fine and grit.