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Micro Motors

Get the detail in your work by using a micro motor for your power carving.  We have a complete line of micro motors from battery operated to brushless workhorses to choose from. Micromotors traditionally handle 1/8" shank burrs and smaller for detailed work.

  • Foredom Brushless 1060 Micromotor Kit

    Foredom Brushless 1060 Micromotor Kit Foredom Brushless 1060 Micromotor Kit is ideal for various speeds from 0-50,000. For high speed applications it provides smooth , clean , sharp detailing in wood  and metals. It's also great for...

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  • RAM iCube Micromotor

    RAM iCube Micromotor  The RAM iCube Micromotor is smaller version of the Ram Power 45 Micro Motor Economy model. It offers the same new and improved technology as the larger models. You'll enjoy the variable speed dial control with a digital...

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  • The new Ram micro motor showing all the wood carving tool parts that are included. The original Ram Power 45 micro motor with control box, hand-piece and foot pedal.

    Ram Micro Motor 45

    Ram Micro Motor 45 Step up to a work horse for a micro motor.  The Ram Power 45 is a high torque, high power micro motor with variable speed that goes from 0-45000 rpm for all your carving needs.  You'll be impressed with the Ram Micro motor...

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  • Ram Mystisa Pocket Carver Set

    Ram Mystisa Pocket Carver Set The Ram Mystisa Pocket Carver Set is one of the best portable power carving units. You can carve anywhere with this cordless power carver for 5-7 hours on a full charge. Take it camping, classes, even your woodcarving...

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  • Ram OZ Plus Series Brushless Micromotor

    Ram OZ Plus Series Brushless Micromotor  Step up to the ultra quiet Ram OZ Plus Series Brushless Micromotor  with 0-50,000 RPM, your sure to accomplish every job. Comes with safety speed locks, speed memory functions, and high...

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