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Ram Carving Tools

  • A pair of motor brushes showing the brush attached to a light spring and copper conductor with a metal contact on the end.

    Ram Brushes for 45 handpiece

    Update your brushes in your Ram 45 handpiece using the Ram square carbon brushes. For use with the Optimus handpiece only.  Carbon brushes are rated at approximately 1,000 hours We suggest to periodically check the brushes are wearing evenly and...

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  • Here is the Ram carry bag featured in blue. It is shown with a clear plastic pouch in the front with a zipper. It has a zipper across the top and opens wide enough that you can slip your Ram micromotor right in there.

    Ram Carry Bag

    Going to a show or a class what better way to take your micromotor with you than in the Ram carry bag. This heavy duty blue bag fits your micromotor and handpiece nicely with it measuring 10 inches x 7 inches x 3 inches. It features heavy duty zippers,...

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  • Pictured here is the Ram BP50 control unit that features the forward and reverse button on the front along with the button to choose if you want to control your speed using the dial on the unit or if you want to use the foot control. Shown here with the BP50 slim handpiece and foot pedal.

    Ram BP50 Brushless Micromotor

    Ram BP50 Brushless Micromotor The Ram BP50 is a brushless micromotor which features superior high torque and pure power with a technology that increases the comfort and productivity for you with an effort less performance. The BP50's brushless motor...

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  • Shown here is a gray in color Ram variable speed foot control that is narrow at the bottom and gets wider as it goes to the top like a ramp. The flat top has gripper material to help so your foot does not slip off. Cords off the top back to plug into your unit.

    Ram Variable Speed Foot Control

    Ram Variable Speed Foot Control The Ram Variable Speed Foot Control allows the carver to control your speed on your micrometer. You'll enjoy the non-skid pad for stability that allows you to work for longer periods of time. The Ram Variable Speed...

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  • Ram Mystisa Pocket carver showing the control box and hand-piece (please not the hand-piece is corded and cord is not shown.)

    Ram Mystisa Pocket Carver Set

    Ram Mystisa Pocket Carver Set The Ram Mystisa Pocket Carver Set is one of the best portable power carving units. You can carve anywhere with this cordless power carver for 5-7 hours on a full charge. Take it camping, classes, even your woodcarving...

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