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Wood Burning

Wood Burning Tools & Pyrography Tools


  • Adapter Cord Male X Female to be used with RazorTip or NibsBurner unit with Colwood woodburning Pens.

    Adapter Cord Male X Female

    Adapter Cord Male X Female The Adapter Cord Male X Female is 16 gauge wire.  It is recommended for Gourd Artists or anyone who works on harder woods with more grain. A heavier cord with transmit more wattage to the woodburning tip. If...

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  • Aquafine Watercolour Paper Hot Pressed Aquafine Watercolour Paper Cold Pressed.

    Aquafine Watercolour Paper

    Aquafine Watercolour Paper Aquafine Watercolour Paper is a high performance paper with supreme quality wood pulp fibers which is preserved with integrity, and precise formulation . Aquafine Watercolour Paper is suitable for masking fluid without...

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  • Burnishing Scale

    Pat Kennedy Authentic Burnishing Scale Woodburning Tip   Use the edge of the burnisher to outline scales and complete lines that were not completely burned with the other tips.  Use the flat side of the Burnisher to contour the scale...

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  • Cleaning Cloth

    Colwood Cleaning Cloth Used for cleaning the tips without creating undue wear or removing of metal. 9" x 5-1/2"

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