Wood Carving Tools Ram Micro Motor Updates

Wood Carving Tools Ram Micro Motor Updates

Posted by Cynthia Kryshak on May 2nd 2018

The Updated Ram Micro Motor

A surprise came with our latest supply of Ram Micro Motors. Upon inspection they arrived with a new look. My first thought was whether they were still the reliable hard core micro motors that we had been accustomed to. So, we were off to start testing and see what we could find out about this new upgraded unit.

The first look that caught our attention was the digital readout for rpm. Digital readouts are cool but do you really need them? I found out quickly that the new digital readout turned this wood carving tool into a precision machine. I was able to quickly dial in the speed I wanted and start carving.

What's included with the Ram Micro Motor:

  • Control Box.
  • Handpiece with a 3/32" collet.
  • On/off foot pedal.
  • Handpiece Cradle.
  • Collet Changing wrench.
  • Spare pair of brushes.

The Ram micro motor is a great power wood carving tool that goes from 0-45000 rpm with ease. It features a DC 32 volt handpiece that quickly locks your carving bur in place. The collets can be changed easily from the 3/32" collet provided to a 1/8" or 1/16" collet.

We tested this new Ram with several burs including a typhoon cylinder bur and other aggressive burs to see what it could handle, the unit handled them all with ease. It had plenty of torque and kept on carving. We then switch to finer burs for detail and were just as impressed with how delicate this tool could be.

If you are looking for a power wood carving unit and you are interested in a micro motor, the Ram Micro Motor 45 is something to definitely look at with an excellent price point. Here is a link to the Ram Micro Motor.