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  • Acrylic Gel Medium

    A pure polymer gel created for use as a heavy bodied gloss medium. Apply inmultiple layers for clear impastos and heavy glazes. Mixed with color, itlengthens handling time & retains the body of the mixture while reducing color strength. 8 oz jar

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  • Acrylic Gloss Medium & Varnish

    An all-purpose acrylic mixing medium with a variety of uses. Mixed with colors, it increases thegloss and transparency and produces brilliant glaze effects.  It can also be used as a final gloss varnish.   4 oz jar.

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  • Acrylic Matte Medium

    Maintains a matte fo flat finish when mixed with colors.  Increases transparency and can be used for matte glazes.  Can be used  with gloss mediums to vary teh degrees of gloss.   4 oz. bottle.

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  • Acrylic Matte Varnish

    Satin finish.  Apply this as a final varnish where a non-glare, low sheen finish is desired that will bring out the color.   8 oz. jar.

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  • Badger airbrush holder assembled showing it holding an airbrush. Badger airbrush holder assembled showing it holding an airbrush.

    Airbrush Holder

    AIRBRUSH HOLDER Make airbrushing a little easier with this airbrush holder from Badger airbrush.  It will hold up to two airbrushes.  The base sits firmly flat  and has a clamp to clamp it to your bench or work space.  Keep from...

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  • Badger  Gravity Feed Airbrush.

    Badger Gravity Feed Airbrush

    Badger  Gravity Feed Airbrush Dual Action,  Internal Mix    Features a small built-in fluid cavity which holds a small amount of paint, allowing you to work very close to your work surface without interference of a paint bottle...

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  • Badger Airbrush. Badger 360-7 Universal Airbrush Set.

    Badger 360-7 Universal Airbrush Set

    Badger 360-7 Universal Airbrush Set  The Badger 360-7 Universal Airbrush Set has dual feed, double action, internal mix, with three mixing jars, two jar adapters, air hose with a varying air source. This premium Airbrush has a 360° front end...

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