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Stubai Micro Carving Tools

Stubai Micro Carving Tools

Bring your carving game to a new level with our full line of Stubai Micro Carving Tools.  These Stubai tools are the same quality as the Stubai Full size tools, Stubai Euro tools and Stubai Palm tools.  The difference is in the size of the tool and the handle.  The Stubai Micro tool handles feature a small palm style handle with a flat back for easy gripping and superior movement.  We've tried these Stubai tools inner shop and know you will love them like we do.


  • A standard look at the Stubai Micro #1 chisel 3mm wide showing the complete chisel with micro handle, ferrule and tooling. The back of the Stubai micro carving tool featuring a #1 chisel that shows the full width of the 3mm chisel.

    Stubai Micro #1 Chisel 3mm

    Stubai Micro #1 Chisel 3mm  This Stubai tool is part of the Stubai Micro series.  The Stubai micro carving tools features shorter handles that are smaller with a flat back.  They are super easy to grip and maneuver letting you get into...

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