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Linden Publishing

  • 1001 Tips For Wood Workers contains images of bar clamp grip, vice pads, mini mortice gauge, sawhorse and small miters.

    1001 Tips for Wood Workers

    1001 Tips For Wood Workers This book is packed with so much information on a large variety of hand and power tools, and the fundamentals on how to use them properly. When you use your tools safely...

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  • Carving For Kids with Robin Edward Trudel contains images of a wooden spoon, wood carved teddy bear, and a snowman.

    Carving For Kids

    Carving For Kids  This is a special book which contains an introduction to woodworking for children from ages 4-17 with 11 skill building projects. Robin Edward Trudel  introduces children...

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  • Carving in the Round: 7 projects to take your first step in art book showing the cover with three penguins.

    Carving In The Round

    Carving In The Round 7 Projects to Take Your First Steps in the Art Andrew Thomas designs three dimensional forms in wood with contemporary and traditional styles taking you on a journey from simple...

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  • Make Your Own Knife Handle shows some of the different knife handles you can create.

    Make Your Own Knife Handle

    Make Your Own Knife Handle Make Your Own Knife Handle with Chris Gleason guides the reader through construction and techniques to make a customized knife with style. The 16 projects take you through...

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  • Whittlin Whistle contains images of a pocket knife, reed whistle, tube whistle, and classic slip bark whistle

    Whittlin Whistles

    Whittlin Whistles If you want to spend quality time with the kids while you spark their creative interests then this is the book for you! Learn to whittle a whistle while building childhood...

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