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  • Bird Carving Basics: Tools

     Bird Carving basics with Curtis J. Badger Featuring spectacular photos in a detailed step-by-step format. Bird Carving Basics: Tools includes chapters on traditional tools and their...

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  • Birds of Prey

    Birds of Prey by Floyd Scholz Floyd Scholz will guide you through Carving these amazing birds .Raptors have intrigued and inspired many people for thousands of years.Birds of Prey features...

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  • Larry Barth  Birds Art & Design is an amazing book with stunning carvings  of birds in their habitat carved from wood. These beautiful carvings look realistically life-like. Explore twenty four  life size sculptures which are two-dimensional,  from large to the extremely small,  some with pedestal,  and others are  freestanding.

    Birds, Art & Design

    Birds, Art & Design by Larry Barth Legendary bird carver Larry Barth shares his insights on designs and executions of his masterpieces. He teaches  a way to use two-dimensional images...

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  • Checkering and Carving Gunstocks

    Checkering and Carving Gunstocks Checkering and Carving Gunstocks with Monty Kennedy is a popular and specialized field of making gunstocks look, grip, and feel better. Monty covers how it's done...

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  • Custom Gunstock Carving

    Custom Gunstock Carving by Philip R Eck  Covers design selection, pattern forming and design application, pistol grip configurations, stock preperation and finishing, cutting exercises,...

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  • Golden Eagle

    Golden Eagle,  A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Art of Bird Carving by  Floyd Scholtz  Floyd Scholtz shows a unique look at the creative process that inspires carvers, artists,...

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  • Cover of How to Compete: Bird Carving Basics.

    How to Compete: Bird Carving Basics

    How to Compete: Bird Carving Basics  Bird Carving Basics features 75 color photographs  plus inside tips for creating a winning piece of art. The author Curtis Badger will guide you through...

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  • Peregrine Falcon contains images of a Peregrine Falcon snatching a green-winged teal in flight

    Peregrine Falcon

    Peregrine Falcon Learn how to carve and burn the Peregrine Falcon while he's snatching a Green-Winged Teal in flight!. This is an amazing book packed with information for you to create these majestic...

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  • Cover of Wild Bird Guide: Northern Cardinal.

    Wild Bird Guide: Northern Cardinal

    Wild Bird Guide: Northern Cardinal  Wild Bird Guide: Northern Cardinal is a beautiful book with absolutely stunning photographs of the most popular species of the Northern Cardinal. Learn...

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