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Hot Tool Woodburning

  • Hot Tool #44 Multigroove Woodburning Tip

    #44 Multigroove Woodburning Tip

    Hot Tool #44 Multigroove Woodburning Tip This woodburning tip lets you burn veins and feathers on decoys and is available with 44 lines per inch which is ideal for larger birds and full-sized ducks. The Tip Shaft Oustide diameter is 1/4" The Overall...

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  • Hot tool 8-XB

    Bent needle. Makes fine lines, dots, and burns holes and intricate details. Allows user to hold burning pen at an angle to the work.

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  • Hot tool Button

    Edges are perpendicular to the tip shaft which makes it easier to reach under the neck or beak of a bird by working at a 90 degree angle.

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  • Hot tool FT

    Has a sharper point than the standard tip and more acute angle, allowing yuou to burn fine lines even deeper. Feather Tip

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  • The Hot Tool Woodburner is ideal for beginners as well as world-class plaque artists and award winning decoy carvers. The Hot Tool woodburner shown burning wood.

    Wood Burning Hot Tool

    Woodburning Hot Tool Woodburning pen that can be plugged directly into the wall.  Burns at 800 degrees. Lightweight, thin varnished handle stays cool. 13 tips available. Add versitility by purchasing a Dial-a-temp to control temperature from...

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