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    46pp By Al Streetman. Here are 20 patterns for birds and fish, sith a simplicity that makes the carving process quick and enjoyable, and the final product charming and elegant. In full color photography, the carver is lead step-by-step through the carvi

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  • Baby Bird and Chick Carving

    Baby Bird and Chick Carving by Rosalyn Daisey  Baby Bird and Chick carving with Rosaly Daisey is an extraordinary book with so much information on baby birds that you will thoroughly enjoy this read . These are truly top quality hardbound volumes...

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  • Bills and Feet: An Artisan's Handbook by William Veasey & Sina Kurman Photo of Book Cover

    Bills and Feet: An Artisan's Handbook

    Bills and Feet: An Artisan's Handbook A fabulous sourcebook by William Veasey & Sina Kurman.  This book teaches how to accurately paint he details of waterfowl, gamebirds and birds of prey bills and feet.  The book Bills and Feet: An...

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  • Bird Carving Basics: Tools

     Bird Carving basics with Curtis J. Badger Featuring spectacular photos in a detailed step-by-step format. Bird Carving Basics: Tools includes chapters on traditional tools and their uses, decorative carving tools, safety, and picking the...

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  • Birds Of Coastal South Carolina showing the cover with a bird on front.

    Birds Of Coastal South Carolina

    Birds Of Coastal South Carolina Birds Of Coastal South Carolina has absolutely stunning color photographs containing a wide variety of birds. Learn which birds are near you, your gardens, woodlands, and beaches. Become an excellent bird spotter...

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  • Birds of Prey

    Birds of Prey by Floyd Scholz Floyd Scholz will guide you through Carving these amazing birds .Raptors have intrigued and inspired many people for thousands of years.Birds of Prey features captivating shots so close to the birds that they appear life...

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  • Birds of Prey Blue Ribbon Techniques

    Birds of Prey Blue Ribbon Techniques by William Veasey  This an amazing book with breathtaking photographs of live birds of  prey, including step-by-step instructions and paint charts of finished carvings. This project book presents...

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  • Larry Barth  Birds Art & Design is an amazing book with stunning carvings  of birds in their habitat carved from wood. These beautiful carvings look realistically life-like. Explore twenty four  life size sculptures which are two-dimensional,  from large to the extremely small,  some with pedestal,  and others are  freestanding.

    Birds, Art & Design

    Birds, Art & Design by Larry Barth Legendary bird carver Larry Barth shares his insights on designs and executions of his masterpieces. He teaches  a way to use two-dimensional images which represent three-dimensional work with images from...

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    576pp Reader's Digest reference brings you nearly 600 artist's color rendering of every North American species- showcasing them in all their stunning beauty and bringing to light their myriad personalities and intriguing ways of life. This is a book tha

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  • Carving and Painting a Black-Capped Chickadee

    Carving and Painting a Black-Capped Chickadee with Earnes Muellmatt by Curtis Badger  Step-by-step instructions take you from original sketch & cutout to carving and painting a black-capped chickadee perched on a branch, all from 1 piece of...

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