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Adhesives & Fillers

  • A+B Epoxy Putty.

    A+B Epoxy Putty

    A+B Epoxy Putty Wood carvers recommend the A+B Epoxy Putty for both inside and outside filler and repair. The epoxy putty iswell known for for it's long work life, smooth texture and ability to hold fine detail. Jewelers use it for creating...

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  • Apoxie Sculpt in the original package.

    Apoxie Sculpt

    Aves Apoxie Sculpt Imagine the power of sculpting clay and the adhesion of epoxy that is easy to use and you have Apoxie Sculpt!  Apoxie Sculpt has a smooth, putty-like consistency and adheres to nearly anything.  Use Apoxiew Sculpt for...

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  • Aves Safety Solvent in a 4 oz bottle.

    Aves Safety Solvent

    Aves Safety Solvent Aves Safety Solvent is the perfect combination for Apoxie Sculpt and Fixit Sculpt!  Aves Safety Solvent is recommended for smoothing, texturing and feathering of the Apoxie Scultp & Fixit Scultp.  You can also use it to...

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  • Miracle Wood Paste Wax

    Crystal Clear Paste Wax

    Crystal Clear Paste Wax Crystal Clear Paste Wax contains no synthetics, silicone's, or soft beeswax. Curators and professional floor care specialists count the clear Wax not only for its rich beauty, but for its long lasting protection. Crystal...

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  • Epoxy Brushes

    Du-Bro Epoxy Brushes 6 PK

    Du-Bro Epoxy Brushes 6 PK Don't waste your precious epoxy or resin glue, make them last with this brush set. Not only will these brushes help you conserve, they will also help you save time by keeping the glue off your hands/ projects which means less...

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  • Epoxy 20 min 4.5oz

    FINISH-CURE™ 20 min. epoxy is an excellent, low odor substitute for polyester resins. It can be used for applying fiberglass cloth to wood or by itself to give wood a surface ready for primer and paint. FINISH-CURE™ can be sanded the...

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  • Epoxy Bond Putty

    Epoxy Bond Filler White    Two 2" sticks of "plumbers putty" used for making eyelids.  Mix 1:1   Hardens in about 1 1/2 hours. Can be painted.   Color: White (2.5 oz. Package)Typical Applications: Ideal for...

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