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  • The 6" gritted wheel, 6"slotted wheel, conditioning wax, extra silicon carbide grit and jeweler's rouge is shown that makes up the razor sharp 6" deluxe edge making system.

    Razor Sharp 6" Deluxe Edge Making System

    Razor Sharp 6 inch Deluxe Edgemaking System  The Razor Sharp edgemaking system will have you up and sharpening knives in no time.  This system fits a standard 6" bench grinder.  You'll get quick results and be able to put a razor sharp...

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  • 6" Cotton Buffing Wheel .

    6" Cotton Buffing Wheel

    6" Cotton Buffing Wheel The 6" Cotton Buffing Wheel is a 55 ply cotton wheel with 1/2"diameter hole.   The cotton buffing wheel is used as the  for final step in the polishing process. This general polishing process will buff and...

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  • 8" Double Grit Sharpening Oil Stone showing both sides of stone.

    8" Double Grit Sharpening Oil Stone

    8" Double Grit Sharpening Oil Stone  The 8" Double Grit Sharpening Oil Stone is an all-purpose stone which accommodates almost every carving tool from knife to gouge. This sharpening stone is a synthetic stone, and the abrasive ...

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  • Aluminum Oxide Powder Strop Abrasive for sharpening

    Aluminum Oxide Powder Strop Abrasive

    Aluminum Oxide Powder The Aluminum Oxide Powder is a strop abrasive with pure aluminum oxide which has no wax binders. A little goes a long way, put a pinch of the aluminum oxide powder on the strop to maintain a razor edge on your tools.This is...

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  • Arkansas Tri Hone show in the original package. Arkansas Tri Hone showing from top view to see all three stones wooden cradle, and hone oil.

    Arkansas Tri Hone

    Arkansas Tri Hone Arkansas Tri Hone 3 Stone Sharpening system has three 4" x 1 5/8" x 1/2" stones mounted to a triangular cross-beam, aluminum oxide, plus hard and soft Arkansas for course, fine and medium grit. Includes 1 oz. Premium Honing Oil, 23...

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  • Black Emery Sharpening Compound

    Black Emery Sharpening Compound Use the black emery compound as your first step in your sharpening process.  The black emery is fast cutting.  It will move some material and start off your polishing and sharpening process.  Leaves a...

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  • Burke Complete Sharpening System showing a front view of the frame, 2 buffing wheels, stropping wheel, 2 abrasive wheels, 4 paper wheels, motor and pulleys. Burke Sharpener complete with the lower assembly for sharpening small items.

    Burke Complete Sharpening System

    Burke Complete Sharpening System The Burke Complete Sharpening System offers everything you need to sharpen your gouges, knives and v-tools.  The Complete Burke Sharpener is a combination of the Original Burke Sharpener and the Burke Sharpening...

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  • Burke Original Sharpening System shown complete from the front view with frame, motor, Sharpening wheels, Stropping wheel and buffing wheel. Burke Sharpener with a front and slightly left side view.

    Burke Original Sharpening System

    Burke Original Sharpening System John Burke developed the Burke Original Sharpening System with one thing in mind; "To make your tools sharp!"  The Burke original sharpening system puts a fine edge on your tools very quickly.  Ant it's easy!!...

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  • Burke Sharpener Detail Assembly front view with belt and pulley that attaches to the Burke Sharpener. Burke Sharpener Detail Assembly showing the buffing wheel on the right, an attachment block with bearing, 4" paper wheel, each of the three 3" paper wheels, the pulley and the other pillow attachment block with bearings.  These all ride on the shaft and are adjustable.

    Burke Sharpener Detail Assembly

    Burke Sharpener Detail Assembly  Take your original Burke Sharpening System to a new level with the Burke Sharpener Detail Assembly.  If you have a Burke Original Sharpener, you can add this assembly to make your sharpener into the Burke...

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  • Burke Tote Sharpening system straight front view showing the motor, frame and sharpening wheels. Burke Tote Sharpening System showing complete system at a front view and closer view of the right side.

    Burke Tote Sharpening System

    Burke Tote Sharpening System The Burke Tote Sharpening System is made for mobility!  Take your sharpener with you are use it if you don't have a lot of space.  Sharpen your tools with ease and get back to doing what you like best!  The...

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