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Curls & Top Knots

  • Mallard Curl

    Mallard Curl  Cast resin tail feather curl for 1/2 size Mallard. Normally a Drake has 2 curls compromised of 4 feathers. The two inner feathers overlap making the inside curl. The two feathers on either side of these feathers overlap to make the...

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  • Mountain Quail Top Knot

    Mountain Quail Top Knot  Cast pewter top knot for Mountain Quail.  The Mountain Quail top knot isn't curved , it's straight. It looks like and exclamation point. The mountain quail is the largest of it's species found in the U.S. It's unique...

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  • Quail Top Knot Curved

    Quail Top Knot Curved Cast pewter top knot for California and Gambel Quail. The Quail Top Knot looks like a single feather but is a cluster of six overlapping feathers. The California males have have a black top knot , and females have brown, with flanks...

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