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  • 135 Gunstock Carving Patterns showing the cover of the book with checkering pattern, and Oak leaves.

    135 Gunstock Carving Patterns

    135 Gunstock Carving Patterns 135 Gunstock Carving Patterns with Lora Irish is outstanding and will bring beauty and value to your firearm. The Gunstock carving patterns are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, such as animals, birds,...

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  • Carving Gunstock Power Techniques

    Carving Gunstocks Power Techniques by Jose Valencia   Learn to create and apply patterns, remove factory checkering and use a high speed micromotor to create elaborate scroll, basket weave, and maple leaf patterns, including realistic wildlife...

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  • Checkering and Carving Gunstocks

    Checkering and Carving Gunstocks Checkering and Carving Gunstocks with Monty Kennedy is a popular and specialized field of making gunstocks look, grip, and feel better. Monty covers how it's done with every basic pattern, tool, and method. He guides the...

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  • Custom Gunstock Carving

    Custom Gunstock Carving by Philip R Eck  Covers design selection, pattern forming and design application, pistol grip configurations, stock preperation and finishing, cutting exercises, full-scale carving exercises, techniques for low-relief...

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  • Gunstock Carving with Bill Janney.

    Gunstock Carving

    Gunstock Carving  Gunstock Carving with Bill Janney will teach the reader how to carve basket weave, fish scale and leaf patterns plus detailed scenes for duck, big game, and small game hunters. This is such an interesting book with the history...

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