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Glass Eyes

Glass Eyes 

 Bring your work to life with glass eyes!  A pair of glass eyes can take your carving or taxidermy piece from ordinary to extraordinary.  

Our glass eyes are made by hand in Germany.  They start with the glass blanks and hand mold them into the perfect shape.  The eyes are painted with a brush by fine hands that do exacting detail work.  The attention to detail makes the pair of eyes very realistic.

Glass eyes come in solid glass, hand blown glass and a variety of other glass eye models.  Look for the perfect eye for your next project!

  • Black glass eyes showing a view from the top of a pair of 12mm eyes. Black glass eyes top and side angle view of a pair of 12mm eyes.

    Black Glass Eyes No Wire

    Black Glass Eyes No Wire From simple projects to snowmen and a whole lot more.  You'll find these black eyes compliment many projects whether it be a duck decoy, a small hummingbird or something totally in between. Black Glass Eyes No Wire...

    $1.65 - $5.19
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  • Clear glass eyes front view. Clear glass eyes view from back.

    Clear Glass Eyes No Wire

    Clear Glass Eyes No Wire Get projects done fast with these quality eyes! Clear Glass Eyes No Wire Specs: Flat Back lens. Indented Pupil. Clear finish with depth. Champion quality eyes. Sold by the pair. Make eyes that are uniques to your...

    $2.69 - $4.99
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  • Fish Eyes

    Fish Eyes

    Fish Eyes Fish eyes are an excellent quality clear lead glass with an aspherical black pupil.   Fish Eye features: Clear Lead Crystal. Sizes 8-10mm on wire. Sizes above 10mm are wireless Black aspherical pupil. Made for self painting.

    $3.45 - $10.95
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  • Front view of a glass fish eye. Side view of a glass fish eye.

    Fish Glass Eyes No Wire

    Fish Glass Eyes No Wire Make your fish authentic with a pair of fish eyes.  These eyes are clear with a black aspherical shape in the center.  The same as a real fish eye.  Leave them plain or pain the back of them to get the perfect...

    $3.19 - $8.09
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  • Glass Carving Eyes No Wire

    Glass Carving Eyes No Wire

    Glass Carving Eyes No Wire Known to be some of the best on the market; our glass eyes with no wire are sure to please!     Glass Carving Eyes No Wire Specs: Flat back lens. Naturally indented standard size pupil. Sold per pair. Lead...

    $0.00 - $5.19
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  • Large Pupil Yellow Owl Eye

    Large Pupil Owl Eyes

    Large Pupil Owl Eyes If you're working on an owl, these large pupil owl eyes are a must have! Bring your eyes to life with a pair of these unique eyes.   Large Pupil Owl Eyes Specs: Sold by the pair. Flat backed lens. Naturally indented...

    $5.19 - $9.99
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  • SALE
    Medium Grade Glass Eyes shown from left in Medium Brown, Straw, Hazel, Yellow, Dark Brown & Red.

    Medium Grade Glass Eyes

    Medium Grade Glass Eyes The Medium Grade Glass Eyes are exceptional glass eyes that work perfectly for eyes for carving, taxidermy and dolls.  The artisans that hand make these eyes start by heating and molding a black pupil onto each end of a...

    $2.95 - $9.65
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  • A head on view of the pheasant eye showing the corneal bulge with center pupil in black and swirling reddish orange lens.

    Pheasant Eyes

    Pheasant Eyes The right eyes make all the difference!.  These aspheric eyes a naturally accurate with a corneal bulge that makes the pupils seen from the front and side views just like a real pheasant.  This eliminates the cheap glazed look...

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  • Reptile Eyes depicting an alligator type eye with black slit, brown veining and metallic olive green background.

    Reptile Glass Eyes

    Reptile Glass Eyes These eyes feature a slit pupil just like the real animals.  Use them for alligators.  An alligator eye has a black slit pupil with dark brown veins around it and metallic olive green iris. Reptile Glass Eyes Specs: Sold...

    $7.95 - $9.50
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  • Clear or transparent glass eyes on wire. Clear or transparent glass eyes on wire.

    Clear Eyes

    Clear Glass Eyes Clear glass eyes are a great solid glass eye to pick for a variety of projects.  Use them on birds and decoys to get the perfect look.  The clear glass eyes feature a black pupil surrounded by the clear glass and mounted on...

    $2.55 - $14.95
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  • Black solid glass eyes on wire Black glass eye on wire side view

    Black Eyes

    Black Glass Eyes Black glass eyes are a solid glass eye in an antique black on a wire.  The black glass eyes are made from glass bars which are heated and molded onto the wire and into the shapes for the eyes.  Since the eyes are solid glass,...

    $1.65 - $9.45
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