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Stubai Carving Tools are some of the finest tools you will find in the world.  Stubai has been creating tools from the best steel available for over 100 years in the Stubai valley of Austria.  When you choose Stubai, you choose quality.  They take pride in developing some of the finest tools you will use.  We offer Stubai carving tools in a variety of designs, profiles and sizes.  For large work and mallet tools take a look at the Stubai full size carving tools.  If they seem a little large, the Stubai Euro tools may be perfect for you.  They can still be used with a mallet. For more intricate work the Stubai Palm tools are an excellent choice and we don't think anyone can resist the feel of the Stubai Micro Carving tools.  They just feel perfect in your hand.  Stubai also offers many accessories from files to carving horses and more.  If you're looking for carving tools that will last a lifetime, look no further than Stubai.