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  • 15 Elf and Gnome Patterns

    15 Elf and Gnome Patterns by Al Streetman    15 Elf & Gnome Patterns with Al Streetman  has included patterns for well dressed elves and gnomes of all shapes and sizes. This book is for the beginner and advanced. There are...

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  • 20 Pencil People Patterns for Carvers

      20 Pencil People Patterns for Carvers by Al Streetman Al Streetman guides you through carving little people for the  beginners and advanced carvers. You will learn little secret tips and tricks regarding head, hand, and body carving. He will...

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  • 29 Angel Patterns for Carvers

    29 Angel Patterns for  Carvers  This book represents a folk art approach to angel carving. Angels have been a constant source of mystery and fascination. These delightful figurines  are full of fun and goodwill.  You will enjoy a...

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  • Angel Carving and Other Favorites

    Angel Carving and Other Favorites by Ron Ransom Enjoy carving Angels with Ron Ransom. He will guide you through patterns with  many different carvings instructions for carving wooden  Angel's , Noah's Ark  figures, Raggedy Ann &...

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    67pp By Greg Young. With this book you will learn how to turn any uncorked bottle into a decorataive show piece with a hand-carved wooden bottle stopper. Contains full color illustrations with step-by-step instructions of many projects.

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  • Caricature Carvers Showcase

    Caricature Carvers Showcase by Caricature Carvers of America  Caricature Carvers Showcase is an amusing book that teaches you how to carve caricatures in wood.  There are 50 designs and patterns from 25 members from Caricature Carvers of...

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  • Caricature Soldiers from the Civil War to the the World Wars and Today front cover of book showing some of the 12 Woodcarving projects.

    Caricature Soldiers

    Caricature Soldiers From the Civil War to the World Wars and Today Patterns and Techniques for 12 Woodcarving Projects by Floyd Rhadigan. Discover the creative art of caricature carving, and start making your own memorable versions of classic service...

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  • Caricature Wood Carving showing the different caricatures can carve.

    Caricature Wood Carving

    Caricature Wood Carving  Caricature Wood Carving with goldmedalist Gerald Ekern shares with the reader a collection of illustrated patterns, line drawings, and descriptive dialog. He guides you through step-by-step instructions to carving methods,...

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  • Caricatures in Motion book

    Caricatures in Motion

    Caricatures in Motion From the Caricature Carvers of America Capture the sense of motion with caricatures that run, jump, twist or turn.  The Caricature Carvers of America members have out done themselves with a variety of carving figures in...

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  • Carving A 1930's Street Scene with a caricature carved village.

    Carving A 1930's Street Scene

    Carving A 1930's Street Scene Carving A 1930's Street Scene shows the reader how to coordinate this exciting wood carving project. The carvers guide you through creating structures and the caricatures that coincide. There are step-by-step instructions...

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