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Japan Colors

Ronan Superfine Japan Colors

The Ronan Japan colors are ground super fine.  They are lead free, flat, dry quickly and are paste colors.  The Ronan Superfine Japan Colors can be used for a variety of projects.  Use for faux finishes, marbelizing, aging and glazing.  You can make stains or glazes and they'll even work as toners in flat paint.  The Japan colors work perfectly for lettering, striping and stenciling.

The Ronan Superfine Japan colors dry to the touch in 1 hour and can be handled after two hours at 70°F with 50% relative humidity.  Recoat the japan colors in 8 hours.  A full cure is 24 hours.

Apply the Japan colors using a brush, roller or spray.

  • A group of Ronan Japan Colors in 1/2 pint cans.

    Ronan Japan Colors

    Ronan Japan Colors  1/2 pint Ronan Japan Color Paint is some of the truest paint. Ronan is the oldest manufacturer of Japanese colors in the United States. Japan colors are an oil color that offers a combination of driers for quick drying that are...

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