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  • Wimp Warp carver's wrap shown in different colors.

    Wimp Wrap

    Wimp Wrap Carver's Wrap Our wimp wrap is cushioned and comfortable.  Sticks to itself, not to your skin.  4" roll that can be cut into thirds for wrapping of your tools and digits. The Wimp Wrap comes in a variety of different colors...

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  • Big Red Cut Resistant glove.

    Big Red Cut Resistant Carving Gloves

    Big Red Cut Resistant Carving Gloves Don't want to get cut?  Get a big red! Our Big Red gloves are made with Dyneema.  Dyneema is the world's strongest fiber and the premium brand for Ultramarines-high molecular weight polyurethane. These...

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  • A hand showing the leather thumb guard and leather finger guard.

    Leather Thumb Guard

    Leather Thumb Guard A must for any carver!  Our leather thumb guards feature and elastic back that fits with ease while you have the leather protection up front. Leather Thumb Guard Sizes: Small thumb guard fits up to a 8.5 ring size. Medium...

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  • Both the leather finger guard and the leather thumb guard are shown on a hand.

    Leather Finger Guard

    Leather Finger Guard A must for carving!  These elastic back leather guards help protect your fingers.  They are open ended. Leather Finger Guard sizes:  Small fits up to a ring size of 8.5. Medium fits up to a ring size of 11...

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  • Dust Bee Gone Mask size medium that is white with blue trim. Dust Bee Gone Mask size large that is white with maroon trim.

    Dust Bee Gone Mask

    Dust Bee Gone Mask GUARANTEED TO NOT FOG YOUR GLASSES!  Presenting the "Original" Dust Bee Gone Nuisance Dust Mask. Stop throwing away your money on uncomfortable disposable dust masks.This "must have" Dust Bee Gone Nuisance Dust Mask fits...

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  • Saddle Square is a handy tool for transferring a layout line from an angled surface to another.

    Saddle Square

    Saddle Square The Saddle Square is a handy tool for transferring a layout line from one plane to an an angled plane surface to another . For example you can scribe around all four sides of a table leg, which allows you to scribe two...

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  • 3M Secure Fit Safety Glasses with anti-fog, motion inspired, with contoured piping.

    3M Secure Fit Safety Glasses

    3M Secure Fit Safety Glasses These 3M Secure Fit Safety Glasses protect against moderate impact hazards such as, metal chips, particles and sparks worn in a welding environment. These safety glasses are made from scratch resistant polycarbonate,...

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  • The Carver's Mat is rubber like anti slip wonder mat.

    Carver's Mat

    Carver's Mat The Carver's Mat is a rubber-like wonder mat that grabs onto your work bench without using holding jigs. The Carver's mat is a 24" x 48"  mat that holds small parts while you carve and decorative edges or finish and sand them...

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  • Optivisor Light hooks to your hat or optivisor.

    Optivisor Light

     Optivisor Light The Optivisor Light is a unique lightweight battery operated light that illuminates  a magnified viewing area. It clips on so easily to the visor of most headband binocular magnifiers. The light pivots to adjust up or down to...

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