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Woodspirit, Bark and Weathered Wood Carving Books

  • CARVING WOODSPIRITS: Beyond the Basics

    This 64 page book by Susan Hendrix and PJ Peery gives an expanded way to carve a face and the reasons why more experienced carvers use certain techniques and tools. Each step is taught through color photos and detailed explanations. Drawings and ...

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    pp 192.  Airbrushing is a simple technique using compressed air which, when passed through the airbrush itself where it is mixed with either paint or ink, delivers a smooth and even coat to virtually any surface. Self-taught airbrush artist Giorgio...

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  • Woodspirits line art patterns.


    Woodspirits Line Art Patterns for Carving, Pyrography & Crafts 17 patterns of Woodspirits by Lora S. Irish   Full size patterns on 8 1/2" x 11" paper for easy transfer to your project.  Learn to carve, burn or paint your inner...

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