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  • RAM Dual Output Box For Handpieces

    RAM Dual Output Box For Handpieces The RAM Dual Output Box For Handpieces will fit the ICube or the OZ. Plug it into the handpiece port on the machine. Use the existing handpiece and add...

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  • RAM iCube Micromotor

    RAM iCube Micromotor  The RAM iCube Micromotor is smaller version of the Ram Power 45 Micro Motor Economy model. It offers the same new and improved technology as the larger models. You'll...

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  • The new Ram micro motor showing all the wood carving tool parts that are included. The original Ram Power 45 micro motor with control box, hand-piece and foot pedal.

    Ram Micro Motor 45

    Ram Micro Motor 45 Step up to a work horse for a micro motor.  The Ram Power 45 is a high torque, high power micro motor with variable speed that goes from 0-45000 rpm for all your carving...

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  • Ram Micro Motor Collet.

    Ram Micro Motor Collets

    Ram Micro Motor Collets These collets fit the Ram Micro Motor Handpieces. Use a Ram collet to expand the shank sizes that you can use with your Ram hand-piece. Ram Collet Specifications: Turned...

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  • Ram Variable Speed Foot Control

    Ram Variable Speed Foot Control The Ram Variable Speed Foot Control allows the carver to control your speed on your micrometer. You'll enjoy the non-skid pad for stability that allows you to...

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