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Carving Tool Accessories

Carving Tool Accessories

Sometimes you need some accessories to go with those carving tools.  Get those items to make your carving even better.

  • Beaver Craft Leather Polishing Strop showing top side of leather. Beaver Craft Leather Polishing Strop showing back side of leather.

    Leather Polishing Strop

    Leather Polishing Strop Keep your tools sharp and in tip top shape with the Leather Polishing Strop. The Beaver Craft is easy to use on carving knives, hunting and fishing knives, and much more. Stropping removes the burs and polishes the edge. A...

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  • Two Cherries Bronze Mallet with Beech Handle and leather pouch.

    Two Cherries Bronze Mallet

    Two Cherries Bronze Carving Mallet  A first class bronze mallet with a keepsake storage pouch.  The Two Cherries bronze mallet is perfectly balanced for all your mallet and chisel needs.  Smaller in size to easily handle but delivers a...

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